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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. At what concentration should IPC's cleaners be used?
For most applications, a 1 – 2% solution in water is a good starting point (often as little as 0.5% of cleaner is sufficient).  Use this Dilution Chart  as a quick reference for the correct amount to add to your tank.

2. How can we improve the cleaning action of a solution?
Increasing the temperature of a solution is the best way to improve its cleaning power. The use of ultrasonics or other agitation will further improve the cleaning action. Finally, lengthen the dwell time or increase the concentration of the solution.

3. How can I determine when it is time to replace the cleaner in my tank?
When the pH of your tank drops one level from the original pH, it is a good indicator that the solution should be changed. 

4. How can I determine the amount of cleaning solution in my tank?
This Concentration Control sheet will help you to determine the amount of cleaner present in a tank or rinsewater.

5. Can these cleaners be used on food surfaces and food processing machinery?
Yes.  All of our cleaners are NSF-registered as category A1 for use on food processing surfaces.  The cleaners should be used in a way that does not allow direct contact with food items, and a thorough rinse of potable water should follow the cleaning.

6. Can these cleaners be used in validated applications?
Yes.  IPC's cleaners remove all types of soils and rinse free, leaving surface absolutely clean.  See the Cleaner Technical Documents page for validation information.

7. Do IPC's cleaners meet RoHS standards?
Yes.  All products manufactured by IPC are free from all the ingredients listed in 2002/95/EC.

8. Are there distributors in my area?
IPC services all of North America and many locations throughout the world from its headquarters in New Jersey.  Please see the Locations page for our global distributors.