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  1. Great Activities to do with the Family During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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    By IPC Guest Blogger Patricia O’Brien:


    Running out of ideas for how to entertain the kiddos?

    Read on to learn what other parents are doing, then check out our list of 10 Creative Activities to Enjoy with the Family. Have fun!
    Lyndsay Peterson, a location scout for television and movies, loves to do arts and crafts with her three-year-old son, Liam. Living in sunny California, the family—which includes dad, John—loves being together outside; but these days, they’re staying put in their little home among the trees.

    “I love trying different scientific experiments with Liam. One of our favorites is making puffy paint. Liam loves mixing in the colors. Then we all make our own pictures. It’s actually fun for all of us!”


    Learn how to make puffy paint here:

    On day three of “the Isolation”, as she called it on Facebook, Kathryn Hively, founder of made a leprechaun trap with her two daughters. Another day they made potions with baking soda, vinegar, food coloring and glitter. They’ve made a button necklace and she’s teaching the girls, aged ten and six, how to sew.

    “I basically look around the house for ideas. We’ve baked a lot. We’re going to do an Easter egg hunt, but I don’t have anything to put in the plastic eggs. So, we went through my older daughter’s stuff and I’ll be putting things like keychains and little toys she no longer needs into my younger daughter’s eggs. I’ll also be using stickers, old coins…anything I can find for my older daughter since I’m clearly not going out to buy things,” Hively said.

    Meanwhile, Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) Is Passing the Time Building Jurassic Park Out of Legos. Get your own set here:




    Here, International Products Corporation offers 10 Creative Activities to Enjoy with the Family

    • Learn Spanish. Then only speak Spanish for an entire day!

    • Have an Inside Beach Party. Draw decorations, hang lights inside, and cover the floor with beach towels. Lather on sunscreen! Listen to beach music and eat your dinner on the floor. After eating, play your own version of volleyball by tying a string across the room for the “net” and try to blow a feather over the string.
    • Write and Perform a Family Play. Pick a movie or story you’re familiar with and create your own funny version of it, or write one of your own. This will not only be fun, but also has the kiddos writing. Win-Win. Afterwards, give out Academy Awards! Or Have a Family Talent Show. Like a play, but funnier and with instruments.
    • Make Forts in the Living Room. Then write letters to each other sitting in your own fort. Create addresses to send them to. Vote for the family mail person to deliver them. Then write responses. Again, good practice for the kiddos! Encourage them to add drawings to their letters.
    • Create a New Game. Tired of playing Monopoly, Scrabble and Phase 10? Why not put them all together and play “Scrabbopoly 10?” Discuss rules, game play, and how to win. Hint: Having to make words in order to “buy” properties is an added learning activity.
    • Learn How to do Origami.
    • Create a Comic Book.

     Try Cup stacking. Also, watch Anna Kendrick’s video and sing along:

    • Watch Scott and Camber videos on YouTube to see how their family spends time together. They’ve been making family time at home fun and exciting for years!
    • Have a Family Slumber Party. After a long day of acting, creating, dancing and singing, move the furniture and make beds in the living room. Create a camp fire with colored paper and tell campfire stories while sitting on your own bed eating s’mores made in the kitchen. Once the little ones nod off, keep it going with a glass of wine and a good book, read by flashlight.

    Of course, not every family includes little ones. Why not try your hand at your own Family Lockdown Boogie?

    Whatever you do, enjoy it. Stay well, stay safe.

    Next Up: What’s the first thing you’ll do when it’s over?

  2. Welcome to the New WWW.IPCOL.COM

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    Check out our new website!

    We’ve redesigned our website with you in mind. International Products Corporation (IPC), manufacturer of a full line of specialty cleaners and P-80® temporary assembly lubricants, is thrilled to launch our brand new website

    Visit today and discover all of the new resources we are excited to share.


    Exciting new features:

    • Wide range of how-to video content
    • Application and industry specific content
    • Product information available in 8 foreign languages
    • Fresh look and enhanced functionality
    • More technical information
    • Our brand new IPC Blog
    • Links to our European sales office
    • Global distribution locations

    From our new site you’ll be able to:

    • request free samples
    • request a certificate of analysis
    • place orders
    • obtain technical support
    • request product presentations
    • subscribe to our blog

    We invite you visit our new home today!

  3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… Explore and Learn with IPC’s Video Library!

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    “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  We’ve all heard this saying many times throughout our lives.  Basically, it refers to the notion that an image can convey an idea much more succinctly than words.  A beautiful sunset, a smiling baby, a championship team celebrating victory…the images each of these moments convey are much more powerful than their descriptions.


    If a single picture has the power to convey such strong thoughts and emotions, imagine how powerful a string of images can be.  Modern technology has enabled us to use videos to share thoughts and ideas. With the growth of social media, videos are now easily viewed across multiple platforms.

    Beyond social sharing, businesses of all kinds have also realized the power of video.  Videos can be used for marketing and education.  Manufacturers, in particular, are often asked by their customers for usage instructions, product demonstrations, and technical support.  Video has become a valuable tool for communicating these messages.

    International Products Corporation’s (IPC) YouTube channel, IPCMKT , contains a full library of videos aimed at helping our customers succeed.  Some of the many things you will learn by viewing our video library:

    • The effectiveness and strength of our products
    • How to use IPC’s cleaners and lubricants
    • How to open our containers and dispense our products
    • How our on-site laboratory can offer assistance and support
    • Our company history & culture

    Many of our videos are also available in foreign languages for customers in other countries.

    Subscribe to our YouTube channel to view our library and receive alerts when we post new content.  Our videos can also be seen on our website.  Visit today to watch our videos and explore all of the resources we share with our customers.

    Seeing is believing…and learning.

  4. How to Open and Dispense From a Drum in 7 Easy Steps

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    Why Buy Drums?

    For companies that use large amounts of liquid products, ordering drums makes sense.  Buying one drum, rather than numerous smaller containers, can be a more economical way to purchase liquid chemicals such as Specialty Cleaners and Temporary Assembly LubricantsCost savings may be realized in reductions in product cost, packaging cost, and shipping cost.

    What’s the Correct Way to Open a Drum?

    There are a variety of different drums on the market and a wide array of drum manufacturers, so it’s always a good idea to follow the best operating procedures for the particular type of container in your possession.  At International Products Corporation (IPC) we use sturdy, yet lightweight, plastic drums for our products.  Our customers often ask us for easy methods of opening and dispensing products from drums.  We recommend using either a pump or the faucet that is attached to each drum.  Watch our detailed videos for step by step instructions for both methods or follow the guidelines below.

    Opening a Drum and Dispensing with a Pump

    1. Remove caps and bung seals
    2. Choose the correct bung for your pump – either a fine/ NPT thread or a course buttress
    3. Insert pump into bung opening
    4. Use pump to mix the product
    5. Dispense product into a container
    6. Remove pump
    7. Replace drum bungs for storage

    Opening a Drum and Dispensing with a Faucet

    1. Remove caps and bung seals
    2. Loosen upper bung for air
    3. Screw faucet into the other bung
    4. Face faucet toward dolly and tilt drum onto dolly
    5. Dispense with faucet into container
    6. Close faucet and vent
    7. Replace drum bungs and stand container upright for storage

    Check out IPC’s series of “How-To” videos for other helpful tips on using Specialty Cleaners and Temporary Assembly Lubricants.

  5. Get to Know International Products Corporation

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    Who is IPC?

    International Products Corporation (IPC) is an industry leader in cleaning and assembly solutions.  Family owned and operated, we manufacture everything in the USA.  We like to think of our company as responsible and responsive – to our customers, the environment, and the communities we serve.

    What We Do

    IPC manufactures safe, water-based temporary lubricants and cleaners that can replace traditionally used corrosives, phosphates, solvents, petroleum distillates, and other hazardous chemicals.

    P-80® Temporary Rubber Lubricants reduce the friction required for assembly.  They provide ergonomic benefits, increase outputs and reduce part rejections.  Available in six unique water-based formulas, P-80 is used to assemble hoses, O-rings, seals, bushings, grips, and other rubber and plastic parts across a myriad of industries.  P-80 provides superior lubrication without silicon or petroleum distillates, making it temporary and compatible with many materials. Once dry the lubrication is gone, and you have a tight fitting assembly.

    Our specialty cleaning products are safe, effective and meet the highest standards across multiple industries, cleaning a broad spectrum of soils from all types of surfaces.  When cleanliness must be measured, IPC’s green chemistry is able to produce some of the most powerful cleaners on the market. We can also help with FDA validation methods.  Our cleaners consistently serve the pharmaceutical, medical device, food and beverage, metalworking, electronic device, wastewater, filter membrane and many other industries.

    We are Responsive and Responsible

    We are responsive in supplying immediate technical and laboratory support to our customers and prospects.  Product development is often a direct result of industry needs and customer feedback – at IPC we listen to our customers.  We process all inquiries and orders quickly and comprehensively so you have the products and information you need when you need them.

    We are responsible to the environment and our community.  We maintain a zero discharge policy at our specially designed, ISO certified, manufacturing plant in Burlington, NJ.  As we grow, we are committed to keeping abreast of environmental and regulatory trends and best practices to continually improve the quality and safety of our products and facilities.

    IPC is truly committed to making the safest, most effective products possible for our workers, our environment and you, our customers.

Detergent Selection Guide

= Used ; = Preferred
SOILS Micro-90® Micro® Green Clean Micro® A07 Surface-Cleanse/930® LF2100® Zymit® Low-Foam Zymit® Pro
Biological soils: Blood, Feces, Mucous, Sebum, Sweat, Urine
Dyes, Inks
Eggs, Butter, Fruit Stains
Flavor, Fragrances
Insoluble Salts
Shop Dusts, Soldering Flux
Titanium Dioxides