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  1. Cleaning for the Cannabis Industry

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    The cannabis industry is growing rapidly as more states across the US legalize cannabis use. And, as with any industry, an effective cleaning protocol is necessary.

    The most important factor in developing one is the selection of an appropriate cleaner. Other important variables include dwell time, temperature, mechanical force, and cleaner concentration. When certain factors are restricted—like when high temperatures cannot be achieved—the other variables can be manipulated to compensate.

    International Products Corporation (IPC), Burlington, NJ, performed experiments testing various temperatures, dwell times, and concentrations with each of IPC’s cleaning products to determine which combinations are best at cleaning hops resin on stainless steel.

    Before the recent election, cannabis use was illegal in New Jersey, so detergency tests could not be  performed with cannabis soils. Instead, hops resin was tested as a substitute for cannabis resin. Hops are the flower of the plant Humulus lupulus, whose resin is used to impart flavor and bitterness in beer. This resin was selected for testing because the hops plant is the most closely related plant to cannabis: both are members of the Cannabaceae family and share many of the same terpenes; further, hops resin is a difficult soil to clean, as it is very sticky and not water soluble.

    In another IPC study, hemp-oil was tested as a soil, but hemp oil is much easier to clean than resin. Determining that a cleaner is effective at cleaning the toughest soils assures the user the selected cleaner will be effective against the easier soils.

    The results obtained gave us confidence that IPC’s cleaners will be effective at cleaning residues and soils left behind from processing cannabis, CBD, hemp oil, extracts, and other botanical products. In addition, IPC offers biodegradable plant-based formulas, especially desirable for this industry:

    Micro® Green Clean

    Micro® A07 Citric Acid Cleaner

    Zymit® Pro Enzyme Cleaner


    IPC offers validation assistance to customers for all of their cleaning products. Since there are no federal cGMP regulations for the cannabis industry, we recommend following the cGMP of their target industries—cosmetics, edibles, dietary supplements, extracts, etc. Cleaning surfaces prior to disinfecting is critical. If residual cannabis resin remains on the equipment, this residue becomes a microbial threat to future batches.

    Here are links to the studies:

    Hops Resin Report

    Hemp Oil Report


      Contact International Products Corporation at or

    for more information or to request a free product sample.


  2. Holiday Parties during COVID-19: What’s the New Normal?

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    So, what is your business doing to celebrate the holidays?

    International Products Corporation (IPC) president, Kathy Wyrofsky, has always enjoyed celebrating the holidays with everyone who works with her. Traditionally, IPC hosts a large holiday party at a local venue for employees, support professionals, and their guests.  However, this year the party has been cancelled due to COVID19.

    The CDC is warning against public parties:

    • Indoor gatherings generally pose a greater risk, especially those without good ventilation like restaurants.
    • Gatherings that last longer pose more risk than shorter gatherings.
    • Gatherings with more people pose more risk than gatherings with fewer people. The size of a holiday gathering should be determined based on the ability to reduce or limit contact between attendees, the risk of spread between attendees, and state, local, territorial or tribal safety laws, rules and regulations.
    • Gatherings with attendees (for example, spouses who accompany workers) who are not adhering to social distancing (staying at least 6 feet apart), mask wearing, hand washing, and other prevention behaviors pose more risk than gatherings with attendees who are engaging in these preventative behaviors.

    With that in mind, Kathy is wondering what she can plan instead of the party to thank her employees for their year of hard work and support. If IPC was in San Francisco, she could check out The Winery SF. With its partner catering companies, they’re  offering a drive-in holiday experience. Guests can enjoy the “party” from the safety of their cars, enjoying gourmet food while interacting with their colleagues interfacing in “rooms” or enjoying a classic movie. The Winery SF has nearly 100,000 square feet of outdoor area to host a “drive-in” corporate event with full audio/video capabilities and a variety of experiences to select from.

    But most event planners recommend taking your annual holiday party online with a virtual event. While they offer a full range of services including virtual venue creation, content, exclusive entertainment and swag goodies, you can always do it yourself. Let the tech department go nuts, encourage the staff to create fun backgrounds for Zoom, and virtually “clink” your glasses in a cheer!

    Virtual Holiday Parties

    To begin, craft some nifty invitations. You can DIY or use a site like Canva to create bright, festive virtual invites.

    Then write up an inspiring introduction—including a gratitude ceremony—to begin the festivities. Be funny, sincere or serious, but keep it short and sweet. Your online guests will be eager to get to the activities like trivia contests and scavenger hunts (see who has the weirdest stuff on-hand!). And remember to allow for some time for guests to just chat.

    Examples of holiday scavenger hunt prompts:

    • Pet dressed up in Christmas clothes
    • Drunken Santa
    • Family photo gone wrong
    • Terrible present
    • Elaborate decoration
    • Heartwarming story
    • Rich person Christmas
    • Definitely getting a stocking full of coal

    You can split the group into teams and turn the hunt into a race, or you can award points based on the originality and absurdity of the answers.

    For a virtual trivia game, prepare your questions, split the group into teams, and quiz your crew on holiday knowledge. For an extra festive flair, you can ask teams to choose holiday-centric names like “The Grinches,” or “The Wisemen.”

    Here’s a list of starter questions: virtual holiday trivia questions.

    Decorations, Music and More

    You may not be decorating an office this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have ornaments! Ornament making is a fun holiday activity that can easily carry over to virtual Christmas parties. While on the call, the gang can design and decorate ornaments together by following a lesson video, such as this YouTube tutorial. Or send your team ornament kits a week early to work on at home, then share them online during the zoom party.

    To put your group into the Christmas mood, you’ll need an upbeat holiday playlist. The whole team can join in on the fun by adding songs to a playlist on a platform like Spotify or Pandora, or you can just enjoy carols as background music. Stream lyrics on so everyone can sing along—they just might do it if they’re in the comfort of their own homes!

    How about a festive Holiday Cocktail? Though your remote team may not be mingling at the bar, you can still enjoy a delicious drink together by booking Winter Cocktail Party. A virtual bartender host will lead the group through lessons to mix up two seasonally appropriate cocktails, followed by games and social time. And since no one has to drive home, you can put your own lampshade on your head and party on!

    There’s no reason you can’t still have a Secret Santa activity. Set a budget, pick a swap date, and gather participants. You can match them yourself or use sites like Elfster or Giftster to do it for you. Presents should be mailed well ahead of the party date, so recipients can open them during the online party.

    Who Really Needs an Ugly Sweater, Anyway?

    If you decide to have a masked, socially-distanced party inside, why not have an Ugly Mask competition? Purchase a bunch of plain masks and hand them out about a week before the party. While your guests are social-distancing, they can at least have something fun to look at. Give out some really nice masks as prizes. Then go wash your hands 😉

    And if you’re just not in a party mood, there’s always the standby that gives everyone what they really want for Christmas:

    Cheers to a Happy Holiday season, however you end up celebrating!



  3. Good News for 2021

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    That’s right! In our continuing efforts to provide not only the best cleaning and lubricant products but the best customer service, we are sticking with our 2020 pricing into 2021.

    It’s been a heck of a year for all of us. The world has experienced a pestilence not before seen in our lifetimes. We have worried, mourned and hidden in our homes, some of us under a blanket watching Netflix ’til our eyes went blurry and our pants no longer fit.

    But through it all, International Products Corporation has continued to serve its customers, providing not only the best products in the industry, but offering education, support and understanding. And in an effort to further support our loyal customers, we will not be increasing our prices in January 2021.

    We will need to continue to monitor our costs throughout the year, and will give you adequate notice if any changes become necessary. Until then, we thank you for your patronage and wish you a better 2021 in all aspects!

  4. STOP the Rubber Flubber! Use P-80® Lubricants for Appliance Assembly and Maintenance

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    Whether you’re a design engineer, an ergonomist, or a repair and maintenance technician, you’ll come up against challenges in appliance assembly and maintenance—especially with countless rubber and soft plastic components. And you might need a specially approved H1 lubricant like P-80® IFC (for incidental food contact applications).

    • Dishwashers, washers and dryers, refrigerators, mixers, blenders, and many other appliances have rubber or soft plastic components such as O-rings, Hoses, Grommets, Seals, Pumps, Sensors, Sleeves, Drain hoses, and Intake hoses. The slip resistance of these parts makes assembly difficult.
    • P-80® temporary rubber assembly lubricants significantly reduce friction, helping these parts slide easily into place. P-80® lubricants are water-based, and do not contain alcohol. Unlike petroleum-based lubricants, silicone or Vaseline, P-80® lubricants are temporary—once dry, the lubrication is gone—and compatible with elastomers, metals and most plastics. They will not crack and harden, or swell rubber. They contain no CFCs, are non-corrosive, and provide up to 70% reduction in friction. And a little goes a long way.

    A Bevy of Choices

    P-80® lubricants come in a broad range of formulas and sizes to meet all appliance assembly needs.

     Advantages of Using P-80® Lubricants

    • Reduce force required for installation
    • Increase production rates
    • Reduce part breakage and rejects
    • Allow for closer-fitting part design
    • Reduce risk of musculoskeletal and slippage-related injuries
    • Choose from a variety of ready-to-use biodegradable formulas

    Please click or call us at 609-386-8770, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (EST)  if you have any further questions or if you’d like to test one of our products.  As always, we’re happy to provide you with free samples.





  5. How to Choose the BEST Cleaner

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    Choosing the best cleaning product can be confusing. Do you need a neutral product? Alkaline? Enzyme? Sometimes, it’s hard to know.

    Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve just released the new video “How to Choose the Best Cleaner,” to help you make the best choice.



    Please click or call us if you have any further questions or if you’d like to test one of our products.  We’re always happy to provide you with a free sample. 






  6. Wastewater Management: What You Need to Know to Clean Filter Membranes

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    We all know that keeping filter membranes clean is essential to maintaining effluent regulatory compliance and the proper flow of water in a water treatment facility and other industries. A dirty filter means trouble.

    But cleaning filter membranes can be challenging. 

    That’s where International Products Corporation’s (IPC’s) superior filter cleaners come in. Often copied but rarely equaled, our products return your flux rate to 100%, prolong filter life, and reduce downtime. Our cleaners are safe for the membrane and the environment, and easy to use.

    What’s the Problem?

    The problem is: your filter membranes get dirty. Most foulants are combinations of various soils—greases, oils, metals, hard-water salts, proteins, starches and more. And although commodity chemicals cost less, they only target one soil, and may have inconsistent quality.

    So, do you need a different cleaner for each soil? It depends; but choosing the best formulated cleaner with multifunctional ingredients is the most effective solution.

    Micro-90® is a unique chelating detergent that contains ionic and non-ionic ingredients that combine to produce a variety of cleaning actions. Micro-90® lifts, disperses, emulsifies, sequesters, suspends, and decomposes soils, then rinses away‬—leaving the surface absolutely clean. 

    Micro® Green Clean is an industrial-strength, free-rinsing, biodegradable, multi-purpose cleaner, excellent for cleaning filter membranes as well as metals, ceramics, medical instruments, food-processing equipment, and other surfaces.

    Micro® A07 is a powerful blend of chelating citric acid and anionic surfactants designed to remove salts, soap scum, metal oxides, hard water scale, grease, rust, milk stone, mineral deposits and inorganic material from filter membranes, labware and industrial equipment. Micro® A07 is non-corrosive and does not contain solvents, phosphates, silicates, phenols, or Substances of Very High Concern.

    Zymit® Pro is a biodegradable, neutral-pH cleaner formulated with a unique blend of protease enzyme, surfactants, and builders that work together to remove tough protein-based soils. The enzymes dissolve the soils, and the detergents help lift and wash them away. Zymit® Pro is effective for cleaning filter membranes, metals, ceramics, plastics, medical instruments and devices, food processing equipment, and other surfaces.

    We Have It All

    So, whether you are a municipal water treatment plant manager, work in the automotive, metal, food & beverage, textile, pharmaceutical, industrial manufacturing, or electronics industries, IPC has the right cleaner for you.  To talk to a technical representative or request a free sample visit

  7. Making an Effective Corporate Video

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    By Patti O’Brien

    video production

    In our last post, we mentioned that people retain 95% of what they watch in comparison to only 10% of what they read. That’s a huge difference and clearly shows the value of adding video to your marketing materials. When it comes to video content for your website, Jodi Daley of West End Productions NY, says “A video shouldn’t be redundant to what’s on the website. It should complement it. When doing videos for Social Media, figure out how fast someone can scroll through their Instagram feed and make sure that your first few shots or words demand attention. And make sure your message is clear and concise.”

    What Story Are You Telling?

    A clear focus is a must when making a video. Decide in the planning stages what message you need to get across and what your Call to Action (CTA) will be. Exactly what do you want your viewers to do?

    “We work backward,” says Jodi. “We find out what our clients want their audiences to feel after the video airs. And we work backward from there to see what we can do within the time and budget allotted.

    “We don’t have a cookie-cutter way of doing a video. We do scripted or documentary, whiteboard, stop action, animation, stock footage or all of the above. The key is to do a LOT of pre-production so that a client isn’t “surprised” (in a bad way) by any element—whether it’s a visual, style, music or font choice. That’s why it’s so important that the client is a collaborator, not just someone you hand a product to.”

    In other words, make sure your video will attract your target audience so they will stop and watch!

    You can also make a video with no “talking heads” using text boxes to help explain what’s happening. You can even have the text translated for your global clients. Here, West End Productions NY created this style video for International Products Corporation (IPC).

    Make it Yourself

    If your budget doesn’t support a professional videographer, offers

    Six Tips on making a short video on your phone look professional:

    1. Use an external microphone. Hook up a microphone jack or USB recorder to your phone.
    2. Don’t hold the phone. No one wants to watch a shaky video.
    3. Look offscreen. It might seem weird, but looking directly into the camera is weirder.
    4. Watch the sun. Bright but indirect light is best. Try standing by a window.
    5. Tell the speaker to BE HAPPY. Try laughing right before the take!
    6. Try and try again until you get it right. Hardly anyone gets it right the first time…

    Here’s an example of a corporate video made with an iPhone for IPC by Rye Productions, LLC

    Video Strategy Director, James Bryant, of created a Marketer’s Checklist for the Corporate Video Production Process. He advises that you check off each of the nine steps as you accomplish them:

    1. Decide on your video objectives
    2. Research your target audience
    3. Agree on your core message
    4. Build your video strategy
    5. Write a video production brief
    6. Develop the creative approach
    7. Write the script & storyboard
    8. Set up your analytics & hosting
    9. Distribute, share & promote your video

    making a vid yourself

    Professional Video Production

    If your budget allows, hire a professional who can make your video all it should be. “If you’re going to charge for a video, your production value needs to let your client know that their money is well spent,” says Jodi.

    IPC president Kathy Wyrofsky agrees. “The comments we have received on our website video content have been very positive. Both Jodi Daley of West End Productions NY, and Tara Rye of Rye Productions LLC made the process easy, and we couldn’t be happier with the end products and results!” 

    Here’s an example of one of our videos created by West End Productions NY:

    Here’s an additional resource: “Top Ten Tips for a GREAT Corporate Video” by Paul Cooper of Bailey-Cooper Photography.




  8. How Important is Video Marketing to Your Business?

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    video marketing stats 768x503 1

    With fewer face-to-face business meetings going on, corporations are finding new ways to get key ideas, product information, and sales promotions to their clients online. Enter video marketing. Videos provide the most information in the shortest amount of time. You can even produce a decent video on your smartphone that’s easy on your budget.

    Did You Know…

    Seventy-five million people in the USA watch videos online every single day and retain 95% of what they watch, in comparison to retaining just 10% of what they read?

    According to, consumers like videos because they’re easy to digest, entertaining and engaging. And marketers like them because they offer a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels. Video is also very accessible to anyone with internet access, both to watch and to produce…anytime, anywhere.


    Wyzowl—one of the world’s leading animated explainer video companies—has analyzed the importance of video marketing to increase sales, build brand awareness and educate your audience. They’ve found that:

    • 87% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool
    • 83% of marketers say video gives them a good ROI
    • 96% of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service
    • 79% of people say a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a piece of software or an app

    Not only that, but:

    • 68% of people say they most prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video. This makes video more popular as a learning tool than text-based articles (15%), infographics (4%) presentations and pitches (4%), and ebooks and manuals (3%).

    The survey shown here—which asked marketing managers how they feel about using videos—shows how popular it’s become.

    Is video an important part of your marketing strategy 700x412 1

    Jodi Daley of West End Productions has been producing short-form video content for more than two decades. The company focuses on imaging, branding and commercials. “We have had the same clients for many years. And some for as long as we’ve been in business,” says Jodi.

    “Our clients know that people would rather view than read. Because of that, every kind of business can benefit from a short, informational, entertaining video. It doesn’t matter if you’re introducing a new product, establishing a presence in the marketplace, or just making sure your brand is out there: video is the most effective way to do it.”

    8 Things You Must Know Before Making A Business Video 1073x715 1

    Video Marketing in an SEO World

    Let’s face it. In this go-go-go society, people don’t take the time to do a thorough study of anything anymore. A quick google search will lead them right where they need to go. And if they can just sit back and watch a video rather than read pages of text? Well, that’s what they’ll choose almost every time.

    More than 80% of businesses are now using videos as a big part of their marketing strategies. Adding up-close and personal short films about your company and its products on your website to inform, educate and stay competitive is more important than ever.

    Your video should be properly produced, however, so that search engines can easily find it—which means you’ll be more visible when your potential customers are looking online for something you offer.

    NEXT UP: How to Produce an Effective Commercial Video

  9. Which P-80® Temporary Lubricant is Best for my Assembly Operation?

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    P-80 Lubricants are unique temporary assembly aids that do not contain any silicon or petroleum distillates or other persistent ingredients. They provide excellent lubrication by significantly reducing surface friction and are green and biodegradable alternatives to hazardous products. 

    Group P 80

    Which one is right for you?

    Here are two variables to consider:

    DESIGN TOLERANCE. How difficult—tight—is the assembly? If your answer is “very,” then you need maximum lubrication: P-80 Emulsion or P-80 THIX. These excellent industrial formulas provide maximum friction reduction (up to 70%). P-80 Emulsion has a viscosity similar to milk, while P-80 THIX is a gel, ideal for vertical and overhead applications.

    P80 Hose demo

    DRYING TIME. If you have an application that is subject to PVT or blow-off testing right after assembly, or if you are working with a non-porous part (think plastic or coated rubber), then you’ll want to try P-80 Grip-it or P-80 RediLube. In the case of pressure testing, P-80 Grip-it works well as it contains an ingredient that provides a bit of cling once dry. 

    All industrial formulas are designed to ease assembly processes and three of the four are biodegradable. All are water based and ready-to-use. All are temporary, containing no silicon or petroleum distillates so they result in a tight-fitting part without slippage once dry. These industrial lubricants reduce the force required for the assembly, installation and maintenance of hoses, O-rings, grommets, grips, seals, propeller hubs and other rubber and soft plastic parts. They also assist in bushing pressing, cable pulling, tire mounting and wire harness operations. 

    p 80 lubricant photo

    Whether you are a design engineer, materials engineer, lubricant engineer, ergonomic engineer, health and safety official, plant manager or line worker, our P-80 lubricants can increase production by reducing the time required for assembly. They reduce part breakage and rejects, as well as slippage and repetitive stress-related injuries, and are compatible with rubbers, plastics and metals. 

    Our expert laboratory scientists have tested hundreds of materials, but can also conduct customized compatibility and lubricity tests for you and your parts. For information on appliance and food and beverage applications, watch this video. 


    Please feel free to contact us with questions, to request a sample pack or place an order.

    sample box P 80

    Thank you. Stay well, stay safe.

    International Products Corporation


  10. COVID-19

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    COVID-19: What’s The First Thing You’ll Do When #stayhome Is Lifted?

    for blog 3


    If you’ve been following protocol, you’ve been inside now for a while, missing the regular activities you took for granted.

    Freedom is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

    The war against COVID-19 won’t be over soon, not next month or even the month after that—perhaps not until we have a vaccine, which experts say could be more than a year from now.

    Still, hope remains eternal, and people are dreaming of what they’ll do as soon as the quarantine is lifted.

    Mix 95.7, an adult contemporary music-formatted radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan, asked its listeners and readers what they’re most looking forward to once this is over, and got a variety of responses, including: taking that planned vacation; finally getting married; going out to eat at a restaurant and drink at the bar; getting hair/nails done; and going back to work. But by far the most common response was to visit family and friends:


    “Seeing my grandchildren”

    blog 3


    “Lots of gatherings with our big family and friends. Some sort of travel, road trip and camping, reschedule our spring break to Hawaii.”



    International Products Corporation also wondered what folks are looking forward to…

     Joann, 59, is a photographer who lives in Central Jersey. She can’t wait to get back to Columcille Park in Bangor, PA.  “It’s a place of spiritual guidance and awakening; after this pandemic, it’s time to reconnect with yourself and the earth,” she said.

    blog 3 park


    Brad, 63, a former journalist turned professional track driver and instructor living in Kalamazoo, MI, can’t wait to get “back on track. For me, driving on track is like what playing an instrument is for a musician, or dancing is for a dancer. It is the free-flowing expression that I miss most.”

    blog 3 racecar


    Debra, 60, is sheltering-in-place with family in South Jersey. She says she’s most looking forward to going up to New York City to stroll around. Christi, 45, mother of six-year-old Riley, lives in Exton, PA, but can’t wait to get back to the Jersey shore, hang out on the beach and eat ice cream on the boardwalk.

    Antonia Connor, 55, lives in Manhattan but yearns to go back to Hawaii. And if Barbra Streisand happens to be in concert there, all the better.

    blog 3 hawaii


    Grace, 74, proprietor of the Irish Shop in St. Augustine, FL, is most looking forward to “interacting with people again…in my shop, having dinner guests, chatting with neighbors.” And even though Grace doesn’t think we’ll ever return to ‘normal,’ she believes that day-to-day life will be different, and perhaps even better.

    the irish shop

    The Irish Gift Shop


    International Products Corporation president Kathy Wyrofsky has her family as well as her company in mind:

    “First, I want to spend some quality time with my adult children and husband all under one roof, eating and laughing. I also look forward to welcoming my remote employees back to work, and to serving all of our customers. And I can’t wait to go to a good local restaurant once it’s allowed and safe, to support them and their staff and to enjoy a really good meal!  Of course, it will be good to travel and to walk the beach and watch the ocean again.”

    hang in there


    Until the time we can all go back to the beach, stay home, stay safe, and watch this video. It’s a really, really well-edited montage of famous dance scenes set to the theme from Footloose.

    May all your dreams come true.

    Footloose Video


Detergent Selection Guide

= Used ; = Preferred
SOILS Micro-90® Micro® Green Clean Micro® A07 Surface-Cleanse/930® LF2100® Zymit® Low-Foam Zymit® Pro
Biological soils: Blood, Feces, Mucous, Sebum, Sweat, Urine
Dyes, Inks
Eggs, Butter, Fruit Stains
Flavor, Fragrances
Insoluble Salts
Shop Dusts, Soldering Flux
Titanium Dioxides