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Whether you need to restore filter membrane flux or you are cleaning process equipment, labware, or medical devices, our free-rinsing specialty cleaners provide the critical cleaning necessary to meet the most rigorous specifications for surface cleanliness. Our products are developed with the health and safety of the end user in mind, and offer safe, economical alternatives to hazardous solvents. All are non-flammable, non-corrosive, highly concentrated liquid formulas. For most applications, a 0.5% - 2.0% solution is effective. Typical uses include clean-in-place (CIP), machine and manual washing, and ultrasonic applications. All cleaners registered with NSF as category A1.

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Industries Served:

* Ceramic
* Dairy

* Electronics
* Food and Beverage
* Medical Device
* Filter Membrane Cleaning
* Healthcare

* Laboratory
* Metalworking
* Nuclear
* Pharmaceutical
& Nutraceutical

* Solar

* Wastewater

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A mild, yet powerful alkaline cleaning concentrate with a unique formulation of chelants, ionic, and nonionic ingredients. Learn more...

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Micro® Green Clean
Biodegradable Cleaner

A free-rinsing, biodegradable all purpose cleaner designed for use in a wide range of applications. Learn more...

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Low-foaming alkaline cleaner with a special blend of chelants, nonionic, and amphoteric ingredients. Learn more...

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Micro® A07
Citric Acid Cleaner

A powerful blend of chelating citric acid and anionic surfactants. Biodegradable, phosphate free. Learn more...

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Concentrated Neutral Cleaner

A pH-neutral, non-ionic cleaner that delivers powerful cleaning action usually found only in much harsher products.  Learn more...

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A liquid dual-enzyme and detergent formula for removal of protein- and starch-based soils. Learn more...

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Zymit® Pro
Enzyme Cleaner

A unique blend of protease enzymes, detergents, and builders that work together to achieve broad cleaning powers. Learn more...

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