There are many cleaning applications in textile manufacturing and industrial textile laundering.

In textile factories, manufacturing equipment, accessories, water recycling system filters, and wastewater filters must all be cleaned and maintained in order to keep the plant running efficiently. Minimizing downtime, by using the safest, most economical and environmentally friendly products that clean effectively, is critical. Returning filter system flux rates back to 100% is also important and can be accomplished with the right cleaning regimen. Typical textile manufacturing soils include: dyes, inks, pastes, lint and fibers.

Wide angle and perspective from textile factoryIndustrial laundries need fast-working, low-foaming, economical products to remove many soils and stains. Typical laundry soils include: dirt, oils, greases and sweat and other biological soils – often requiring a formulated enzyme cleaner.

IPC Product Advantages

  • Economical, highly-concentrated formulas (only 1-2% in water will clean effectively)
  • Solvent-free
  • Non-corrosive
  • Phosphate free
  • Fast-acting, specially-formulated products are effective on a broad range of soils
  • Free technical assistance and compatibility testing
  • Free-rinsing

Recommended Cleaners for the Textile Industry

Product Manufacturing Equipment and Parts Filter Cleaning Industrial Laundries Soils Removed
Liquid Low-Foam Cleaner
Biofilm, Dye, Ink, Dirt
Alkaline Cleaning Solution
Oil, Grease, Dirt, Adhesive, Dye, Ink, Paste, Emulsifiers, Gel, Oxide, Paraffin, Flux, Silicon, Tar
Micro® A07
Citric Acid Biodegradable Cleaner
Salts, Iron, Manganese, Scale, Suspended Soils, Oxides
Micro® Green Clean
Biodegradable Alkaline Cleaning Solution
Oil, Grease, Dirt, Adhesive, Dye, Ink, Paste, Emulsifiers, Gel, Oxides, Paraffin, Flux, Silicon, Tar
Surface-Cleanse/930® Neutral Cleaner Adhesive, Oil, Grease, Gel, Flux, Silicon, Tar
Zymit® Low-Foam
Low-Foam Enzyme Cleaner
Blood, Feces, Mucous, Sweat, Food Stains, and Other Biological Soils, Gelatin, Grass, Milkstone, Proteins and Starches
Zymit® Pro
Enzyme Cleaner
Biological Soils, Food Stains, Gelatins and Other Proteins

** Note only LF2100® and Zymit® Low-Foam are low foaming and suitable for high-agitation and automated cleaning machines.

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