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Increase output and decrease part rejection by reducing friction during assembly

International Products Corporation (IPC) offers a unique line of temporary rubber lubricants. Our P-80® lubricants are available in six water-based formulas that offer superior lubrication compatible with a variety of surfaces. Additionally, all of our lubricants are environmentally friendly.

Do You Need Rubber Lubricants?

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Do any of these assembly problems sound familiar?

  • Rolling O-rings
  • Uneven cuts
  • Misaligned parts
  • Damaged parts
  • Injured workers (sore muscles, slippage, repetitive stress injury)

If so, our P-80® Temporary Rubber Lubricants can help by:

  • Reducing installation force by minimizing surface tension
  • Allowing for tighter fitting part design
  • Improving product performance
  • Increasing production rates by allowing for faster assembly
  • Reducing worker injuries by decreasing the assembly force required
  • Reducing part rejection

Why Use Rubber Lubricants?

P-80 Lubricants Solvents Soaps and Detergents Petroleum Distillates
Reduces Friction by 70% 30% 30% 60%
Characteristics Provide superior temporary lubrication, are environmentally friendly,  safe for workers, and available in many biodegradable formulas Provide poor lubrication, contain high VOCs, may be flammable, and poses possible health risks Provide inconsistent, nominal lubrication and may reactivate when wet Provide lubrication but is often incompatible with materials, leaves a heavy residue, and sustains lubrication

Additionally, the temporary nature of our P-80 rubber lubricants puts them in a category by themselves, as these lubricants will not reactivate once they dry and will not dry out rubber.

Our Line of Lubricants

All of our P-80 lubricants are environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and non-flammable, making them safe for workers and most plastics, rubbers, and metals. P-80 is available in four ready-to-use industrial formulas, as well as two special formulas that are registered with the NSF as H1 lubricants approved for incidental food contact applications:

The IPC Difference

It’s not just our line of temporary rubber lubricants that set us apart — so too, does our service. At IPC, we strive to make all of our customers feel like family, and that means developing partnerships to make sure you are satisfied. That’s why we offer all of our customers:

Free Samples
See the value of our lubricants firsthand — before you buy. IPC offers free samples of all of our lubricants.

Technical Assistance
Whether you’re not sure which lubricant is best for your needs or have complex assembly circumstances that require hands-on process development, IPC offers complimentary technical assistance via our onsite lab or site visits to make sure you take the right approach. This assistance includes:

  • Material compatibility testing
  • Insertion force measurement testing
  • One-on-one protocol development
  • 100% product traceability

Excellent and Responsive Customer Care
Have product feedback? Notice new demands as industry standards evolve? Something went wrong? Whatever it is, we want our customers to keep an open line of communication. In return, we promise to respond quickly.

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