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Safe, High Quality Precision Cleaners

International Products Corporation (IPC) offers a full line of specially formulated precision cleaners that are among the safest yet most effective solutions on the market. Additionally, all of our cleaners are environmentally friendly.

A Unique, High Quality Customer Experience

group-cleaners_2015At IPC, our customers come first, and that means we focus on creating a value-added experience every step of the way. When you buy from IPC, you get more than just powerful cleaners. You also get expert service and personal attention. For example, we offer all of our customers:

Free Samples

See the power of our cleaners firsthand — before you buy. IPC offers free samples of all of our cleaners.

Technical Assistance

Whether you’re not sure about the best methods for your needs or have complex circumstances that require hands-on process development, IPC offers complimentary technical assistance via our onsite lab to make sure you take the right approach. This assistance includes:

  • Material compatibility testing
  • Process and validation development
  • Residue analysis

Excellent and Responsive Customer Care

Have product feedback? Notice new demands as industry standards evolve? Something went wrong? Whatever it is, we want our customers to keep an open line of communication. In return, we promise to respond quickly.

The bottom line? We want to make your business part of the IPC family and work together with you to improve your cleaning operations.

High Quality Cleaners for a Variety of Needs

Our full line of precision cleaners is registered with the NSF as USDA A1 cleaners. Our products regularly help companies in the most highly regulated industries, including those who must follow FDA regulations.

All of our cleaners are free-rinsing, highly concentrated solutions that are both economical and environmentally safe — our cleaners are free of solvents, phosphates, silicates, phenols, and substances of very high concern.

Offering solutions for a wide range of cleaning applications, our precision cleaners include:

  • LF2100® Low-Foam Cleaner: A powerful, low-foaming alkaline cleaner containing a special blend of ingredients that makes it ideally suited for use in high-agitation systems.
  • Micro-90® Concentrated Cleaning Solution: A mild, yet powerful alkaline multi-purpose cleaner usable for both industrial and critical cleaning applications. Its unique formulation lifts, disperses, emulsifies, sequesters, suspends, and dissolves soils.
  • Micro® A07 Citric Acid Cleaner: A non-corrosive, biodegradable, powerful blend of citric acid and anionic surfactants that is highly effective at removing scale and milkstone.
  • Micro® Green Clean Biodegradable Cleaner: A free-rinsing, industrial strength, biodegradable hard surface cleaner designed for use in a wide range of applications, such as cleaning metals, plastic parts, and filter membranes used in wastewater treatment plants.
  • Surface-Cleanse/930® Neutral Cleaner: A gentle, nonionic cleaner designed to deliver powerful cleaning action usually found in much harsher products. Surface-Cleanse/930 has a neutral pH, which eliminates surface damage that may be caused by an acid or alkaline cleaner. Its mixture of nonionic surfactants makes it safe for use on aluminum, zinc, electronic components, and other delicate metals. It is effective at room temperature and in hard and soft water.
  • Zymit® Low-Foam Enzyme Cleaner: A synergistic dual-enzyme and detergent formula that removes protein and starch-based soils.
  • Zymit® Pro Enzyme Cleaner: A biodegradable enzyme and surfactant cleaner that breaks down and removes proteinaceous soils. It is an effective filter membrane cleaner, especially when used with Micro-90 or Micro A07 in consecutive cleaning steps.

You’re in Good Company

Organizations across highly regulated industries rely on IPC’s precision cleaners to meet their compliance and validation testing requirements.

Industries Served

How to Choose the Right Cleaner

Which of our precision cleaners is right for you? Selecting the right cleaner is all about understanding the surface you plan to clean, the method of cleaning and water temperature you’ll use, and the type of soil you have to remove.

We can help you develop the proper regimen based on your unique needs and have also created a chart to help guide the selection process:

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