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P-80® Emulsion Temporary Assembly Lubricant

P-80® Emulsion Temporary Assembly Lubricant is a biodegradable assembly aid that eases installation of tight-fitting rubber and plastic parts by reducing the force needed for insertion. Once assembly is complete, the lubricant dries and the part returns to its original condition. P-80® Temporary Assembly Lubricants can be applied manually or automatically, by dip, brush, or spray techniques.

P-80® Emulsion Temporary Assembly Lubricant is used to install hoses, o-rings, seals, bushings, gaskets, grommets, grips, and many other rubber and plastic parts. Use P-80® Emulsion when a thin film of lubricant is desired.

Typical viscosity of P-80® Emulsion: 150 cps at 25° C

Spray tops available separately to fit 1-Liter, 475 mL and 225 mL bottles

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Product Specification Chart

Applications Industrial Lubricants Incidental Food Contact Lubricants
P-80® Emulsion P-80® THIX P-80® Grip-It P-80® RediLube P-80® Emulsion (IFC) P-80® THIX (IFC)
Viscosity Index, cps @25° C 150 12,000 20 20 150 15,000
Biodegradable Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Reduction of Friction ~70% ~70% ~40% ~55% ~70% ~70%
Estimated minimum dry time 1 Hour 2 Hours 20 Minutes 20 Minutes 1 Hour 2 Hours
pH ~8.4 ~8.5 ~10.8 ~8.7 ~8.7 ~8.5
Appearance Milky white to beige White to beige gel Clear, colorless Milky white to light yellow Milky white to beige White to beige gel
  • P-80® Emulsion Safety Data SheetDownload
  • P-80® Emulsion IFC Safety Data Sheet Download
  • P-80® Grip-It Safety Data SheetDownload
  • P-80® RediLube Safety Data SheetDownload
  • P-80® THIX Safety Data SheetDownload
  • P-80® THIX IFC Safety Data SheetDownload

5 reviews for P-80® Emulsion

  1. Michael

    P-80 works great on my rubber assembly applications!

  2. Lowndes Whatley

    If you have ever struggled to install a very tight fitting seal (wheel bearing, transmission, engine, etc) then you need to try this. My brother introduced me to it while trying to install a very tight 5″ dia rear wheel seal on my BMW R1100S. It works like magic: put a “finger full” (it goes a loooong way) on the outside of the rubber and see what happens. It looks like you just rubbed plain water on it, but it smells like perfume. In twenty minutes it’s gone, evaporated. The first time I tried it I thought it was the wrong seal it went in so easily. Had to stop, get the manual out and check the numbers. NO comparison to oils or grease. And – Non hazardous.
    The people at IPC are super helpful, couldn’t be nicer, too.

  3. Robert Weikle Jr

    Did a job without P-80, did the same job again, this time with the P-80. We will NEVER do any rubber assembly without P-80 again. It is a time and labor saver. Thanks IPC!

  4. Tyler Howland

    We had a design that required a tight fitting rubber sleeve to slide 5 inches down a plastic handle. There was no was we could use a regular lubricant as the material left behind would damage the internal components. P-80 not only made the assembly insanely easier, it also dried and disappeared inside barely leaving a residue. Great product.

  5. Lance R

    If you are assembling rubber hoses pneumatic/hydraulic you need this stuff. Its amazing how well it works.

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