Formulated products that meet your filter membrane cleaning needs.

Compatible with Ultra Filtration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ceramic filters and Nano Filtration (NF) Systems. Today’s complex cleaning tasks make it difficult to find a consistently effective filter membrane cleaner. International Products Corporation has been selling cleaners to the filter membrane industry for over 30 years. Our proprietary formulated cleaners work effectively at restoring 100% flux at safe pH ranges. We have a wide variety of chemistries available for all membranes and soils and an on-site R&D laboratory that offers technical support and assistance.

IPC Membrane Cleaner Benefits

  • Fast, effective soil removal
  • Reduce or eliminate membrane replacement
  • Save time, energy and labor costs
  • Eliminate multiple step cleaning cycles
  • NSF-registered as USDA-A1 Cleaners
  • Solvent free
  • Concentrated liquid formulas dilute easier than powder detergents
  • Competitively priced
  • FREE technical support and material compatibility testing
  • FREE SAMPLES available for testing
  • Phosphate free
  • Non-corrosive


Automotive Engine Manufacturing

“We’ve used Micro-90 to clean the filter membranes in our ultrafiltration system for nine years with 100% flux recovery and have yet to replace any of our membranes. A significant savings of $500,000!”
Brian LoTempio, Plant Manager DTE Tonawanda

City Wastewater Treatment

“After trialing 20 different cleaners, hundreds of different combinations and commonly used commodities, Micro-90 stood out and performed better than all the rest.”
Jeff Hoff, Wastewater Control Systems Manager Fargo North Dakota WWTP

Recommended Cleaners for the Water & Wastewater Industry

Alkaline Cleaning Solution
9.5 Greases, Oils, Metals
Citric Acid Cleaner
3.0 Hard Water Salts, Scales
Micro® Green Clean
Biodegradable Cleaner
9.5 Greases, Oils
Zymit® Pro
Liquid Enzyme Cleaner
7.5 Blood, Protein, Food Stains, Polysaccharides

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