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P-80® Grip-It Quick-Drying Temporary Lubricant

P-80® Grip-It Quick-drying Temporary Assembly Lubricant eases installation of tight-fitting rubber and plastic parts by reducing the force needed for assembly. Once assembly is complete, P-80® Grip-It dries and provides resistance that helps keeps parts in place. P-80® Grip-It can be applied manually or automatically, by dip, brush, or spray techniques.

P-80® Grip-It is ideal for insertion of hoses that are pressure-tested immediately after assembly, and in any application that requires a fast-drying lubricant. Typical uses include installation of hoses, grips, o-rings, seals, bushings, gaskets, grommets, and many other rubber and plastic parts.

Spray tops available separately to fit 1-Liter, 475 mL and 225 mL bottles.

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Typical viscosity of P-80® Grip-It: 20 cps at 25° C

Product Specification Chart

Applications Industrial Lubricants Incidental Food Contact Lubricants
P-80® Emulsion P-80® THIX P-80® Grip-It P-80® RediLube P-80® Emulsion (IFC) P-80® THIX (IFC)
Viscosity Index, cps @25° C 150 12,000 20 20 150 15,000
Biodegradable Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Reduction of Friction ~70% ~70% ~40% ~55% ~70% ~70%
Estimated minimum dry time 1 Hour 2 Hours 20 Minutes 20 Minutes 1 Hour 2 Hours
pH ~8.4 ~8.5 ~10.8 ~8.7 ~8.7 ~8.5
Appearance Milky white to beige White to beige gel Clear, colorless Milky white to light yellow Milky white to beige White to beige gel