“Good customer service! Prompt and thorough.”
Paul Garbarini, Heirloom Finishes, LLC

“Thank you so very much for your prompt response. I appreciate your wonderful customer service and your attentiveness when I called. In these busy days, it’s rare to receive the professionalism you showed me today.”
Dora, MSC Industrial Supply

International Products Corporation strives to provide consistent, high-quality products.  It is our mission to go above and beyond customer service expectations. Below are some testimonials from satisfied customers involved in:

  • Filter membrane cleaning
  • Laboratory equipment cleaning
  • Stained glass restoration
  • Wire harness assembly
  • Seal assembly
  • Cable assembly
  • Grip assembly

Filter Membrane Cleaning

“We use Micro-90® to clean the filter membranes in our ultrafiltration system, and have done so for nine years. Micro-90® removes the organics and metals that can blind the membranes. Micro 90 has allowed us to eliminate the previous two-step process that used caustic and acid materials. A 1% solution of Micro 90 allows a single cleaning cycle, which provides savings through reduced energy use, reduced chemical use, and less downtime. We achieve 100% recovery after every Micro-90® wash, and have yet to replace any of our membranes after nine years of operation.”

Brian LoTempio, Plant Manager, DTE Tonawanda

Laboratory Equipment

“We have found your Micro-90® Concentrated Cleaning Solution to be unsurpassed in removing gel debris and fluorescent residue from our sequencing plates. Since clean gel plates are so critical to high quality sequence data, we include a free sample of Micro-90® with each DNA Sequencer we ship. We feel that introducing our customers to Micro-90® will help them maximize the performance of their DNA Sequencer.”

Charlie Troxel, DNA Analysis Product Manager, LI-COR Biosciences

Stained Glass Restoration

“Our trial involved the conservation and cleaning of several State Heritage-listed stained glass windows, which dated from 1905. We mixed a solution of 2% Surface-Cleanse/930® with DI water and used small sponges to gently wipe the surface, rinsed with DI water, and dried with cotton rags. Areas which were particularly dirty were cleaned very effectively with Surface-Cleanse/930® without appearing to disturb the painted surface in any way. We were very pleased with the result and would be interested in purchasing more when we receive further requests to carry out stained glass conservation commissions.”

Frans Kat, Director, Adelaide Artistic Glass – Australia

Wire Harness Assembly

“We love P-80® Grip-It, and it does what you promised. We are building wire harnesses for the snowmobile industry and we were having a tough time with some of our assemblies. We are delighted to find your product and I am sure we will find more applications.”

Joleen, AirTrack Electronics

Seal Assembly

“It is important our seals are assembled using the proper lubricant to ensure the long life and proper function of the seal, so we include a packet of P-80® THIX in every kit we ship out.”

Dave Pitchko, Owner, CinchSeal

Cable Assembly

“Thank you for the sample of P-80® Grip-It. It worked like a charm! We applied just a drop or two of Grip-It to a connector/fitting and we could then slide tubing over the connector with ease. It was great!”

Sue, Keystone Electronics

Grip Assembly

“Eezer Foam handle grips are more easily installed using your P-80® Assembly Lubricant. When sliding grips over lengths of tubing or around tight bends, P-80® does wonders. We recommend P-80® for any challenging grip installation.”

Leighton Sjostrand, President/Owner, Eezer Products, Inc.