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Concentrated Alkaline Cleaning Solution
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Micro-90® is a mild, yet powerful, multipurpose, alkaline cleaning concentrate that has long been used in laboratories, industrial applications, and critical cleaning processes.  Micro-90 is a unique chelating detergent that contains ionic and non-ionic ingredients, which combine to produce a variety of cleaning actions. Micro-90 lifts, disperses, emulsifies, sequesters, suspends, and decomposes soils, then rinses away leaving the surface absolutely clean. 

Micro-90's target soils include oil, grease, wax, tar, flux, particulates, hard water stains, and biological debris.  Micro-90 is highly effective at defouling filter membranes and can be validated in critical cleaning applications.

Micro-90 Wash Methods
* CIP (Clean in Place)
* WIP (Wash in Place)
* Immersion
* Manual
* Mild-agitation
* Ultrasonic

Typical pH: 9.5



21.5 kg net wt. plastic container

1 to 47US$161.25
48 to 9999US$156.40

Price : US$161.25


230 kg net wt. plastic drum

1 to 3US$1,437.50
4 to 9999US$1,394.40

Price : US$1,437.50


1 liter plastic bottles packed 12 per case.

1 to 83US$138.60
84 to 9999US$134.40

Price : US$138.60


4 liter plastic bottles packed 4 per case

1 to 47US$150.00
48 to 9999US$145.50

Price : US$150.00