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Zymit® Pro
Enzyme Cleaner
Zymit® Pro
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Zymit® Pro is a unique blend of protease enzymes, detergents, and builders that work together to achieve broad cleaning powers.  The enzymes dissolve the soil, and the detergents wash it away.  Zymit Pro is designed to remove protein-based soils, such as gelatin and food debris.  It is an effective filter membrane cleaner, especially when used in consecutive cleaning steps with Micro-90 or Micro A07.  

Wash methods
* Immersion
* Manual
* Mild-agitation
* Ultrasonic

Typical pH: 7.5



1 liter plastic bottles packed 12 per case.

1 to 83US$169.80
84 to 9999US$164.70

Price : US$169.80


21.0 kg net wt. plastic container

1 to 47US$224.70
48 to 9999US$218.00

Price : US$224.70


215 kg net wt. plastic drum

1 to 3US$2,125.00
4 to 9999US$2,061.30

Price : US$2,125.00