IPC Announces Paperless SDS Initiative

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In keeping with their ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, International Products Corporation (IPC) announces that they are eliminating paper Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and migrating to a fully digital process.

Effective November 1, 2019, printed SDSs will no longer be included with any packaged product. Instead, all SDSs will be available on the company website (www.ipcol.com) or by request. New customers will now receive an emailed SDS.

This timing aligns with IPC’s implementation of recent format changes required by international regulatory compliance. No changes have been made to any products.

“By printing less paper, IPC is using fewer natural resources and producing less waste. This aligns with our commitment to conserve resources whenever possible,” says Kathy Wyrofsky, President of IPC.

About International Products Corporation: IPC manufactures specialty chemical products, including cleaners and assembly lubricants. Their full line of precision cleaners includes biodegradable, alkaline, acidic, neutral, and enzyme products used in a broad range of industries and applications. Their P-80® temporary rubber lubricants are uniquely formulated for the installation of hoses, O-rings, seals, grommets, belts, bushings, grips and other parts. All of IPC’s products are made in the USA and are sold worldwide.

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