How to Open and Dispense From a Drum in 7 Easy Steps

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Why Buy Drums?

For companies that use large amounts of liquid products, ordering drums makes sense.  Buying one drum, rather than numerous smaller containers, can be a more economical way to purchase liquid chemicals such as Specialty Cleaners and Temporary Assembly LubricantsCost savings may be realized in reductions in product cost, packaging cost, and shipping cost.

What’s the Correct Way to Open a Drum?

There are a variety of different drums on the market and a wide array of drum manufacturers, so it’s always a good idea to follow the best operating procedures for the particular type of container in your possession.  At International Products Corporation (IPC) we use sturdy, yet lightweight, plastic drums for our products.  Our customers often ask us for easy methods of opening and dispensing products from drums.  We recommend using either a pump or the faucet that is attached to each drum.  Watch our detailed videos for step by step instructions for both methods or follow the guidelines below.

Opening a Drum and Dispensing with a Pump

  1. Remove caps and bung seals
  2. Choose the correct bung for your pump – either a fine/ NPT thread or a course buttress
  3. Insert pump into bung opening
  4. Use pump to mix the product
  5. Dispense product into a container
  6. Remove pump
  7. Replace drum bungs for storage

Opening a Drum and Dispensing with a Faucet

  1. Remove caps and bung seals
  2. Loosen upper bung for air
  3. Screw faucet into the other bung
  4. Face faucet toward dolly and tilt drum onto dolly
  5. Dispense with faucet into container
  6. Close faucet and vent
  7. Replace drum bungs and stand container upright for storage

Check out IPC’s series of “How-To” videos for other helpful tips on using Specialty Cleaners and Temporary Assembly Lubricants.

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