IPC is DuBois – European Market

New year, more solutions! DuBois Chemicals acquired International Products Corporation (IPC) in July 2021. DuBois’ European operations in the Netherlands began managing the supply of IPC products and services for Europe in February 2022. IPC’s line of specialty chemical products, including cleaners and assembly lubricants, allows DuBois to expand their chemistry and process knowledge capabilities… Continue Reading IPC is DuBois – European Market

Gas & Diesel ASTM

P-80® Lubricants possess the unique property of being temporary rubber assembly lubricants. After assembly, the water dries, and the part is left securely in place. Due to the lubricating oils in our lubricants, a tiny amount of residue may remain on the parts. Sometimes, the question of how these residues may impact automotive fuels is… Continue Reading Gas & Diesel ASTM

P-80 for Bushing Pressing

Bushing pressing is a tough job.  It takes a lot of force to get the insert seated correctly.  In addition, the lubricant cannot be so strong that it slips back out.  Our P-80®line of water-based temporary rubber assembly lubricants makes bushing pressing easy. Our P-80 lubricants are available in six unique water-based formulas that provide… Continue Reading P-80 for Bushing Pressing

Need to Validate Your Cleaning Procedures? We Can Help!

If you work in a regulated industry, you already know, there’s more than one way to validate a cleaning process. But which one is best for your process? The Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals and the Biotechnology Inspection Guide has established the expectation that cleaning procedures be validated—meaning that scientific data must show that the systems work… Continue Reading Need to Validate Your Cleaning Procedures? We Can Help!

Micro® Green Clean: Perfect for Cleaning Applications in the Brewery Industry

Let’s face it: when you’re talking about beer, you’re talking about taste. Which is  why it’s imperative—to ensure a quality, delicious beer every time—to prevent contamination of the tanks and brewing equipment. And cleaning hops resin off of stainless steel can be tough, because resin is sticky and not water-soluble. Seeing the need for something… Continue Reading Micro® Green Clean: Perfect for Cleaning Applications in the Brewery Industry

Cleaning for Botanical Soils

  A botanical extract is a substance derived from a plant. Some commonly used botanical extracts are  vanilla, echinacea, gingko biloba, cranberry, and aloe vera. They are used in a wide variety of industries—from nutritional supplements to cosmetics—and for many purposes, including fragrance and medicinal properties, or to add flavor to food. In the U.S.,… Continue Reading Cleaning for Botanical Soils

Good News for the New Year!

That’s right! In our continuing efforts to provide not only the best cleaning and lubricant products but the best customer service, we are sticking with our 2020 pricing into 2021. It’s been a heck of a year for all of us. The world has experienced a pestilence not before seen in our lifetimes. We have… Continue Reading Good News for the New Year!

Cleaning for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly as more states across the US legalize cannabis use. And, as with any industry, an effective cleaning protocol is necessary. The most important factor in developing one is the selection of an appropriate cleaner. Other important variables include dwell time, temperature, mechanical force, and cleaner concentration. When certain factors… Continue Reading Cleaning for the Cannabis Industry

Holiday Parties during COVID-19: What’s the New Normal?

So, what is your business doing to celebrate the holidays? International Products Corporation (IPC) president, Kathy Wyrofsky, has always enjoyed celebrating the holidays with everyone who works with her. Traditionally, IPC hosts a large holiday party at a local venue for employees, support professionals, and their guests.  However, this year the party has been cancelled… Continue Reading Holiday Parties during COVID-19: What’s the New Normal?