Helping You Choose the Right Solution for Medical Device Cleaning and Medical Instrument Cleaning

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Whether your medical device is disposable, implantable, or reusable, it must be cleaned before use. Cleaning medical equipment is a crucial step in a successful disinfecting procedure. IPC offers a full line of precision cleaners, each with unique characteristics, that can provide you with the required level of cleanliness prior to disinfecting. IPC’s cleaners offer many benefits: they’re solvent-free, highly concentrated, economical, easy-to-mix liquids, phosphate-free, and, most importantly, effective.

What should you consider when choosing one of IPC’s cleaners as a medical instrument detergent?

  • The soil to be cleaned (biological, tissue, fingerprints, oil, etc.)
  • Cleaning temperature (enzymes can’t be used at high temperatures)
  • The type of material to be cleaned (to make sure the cleaner won’t tarnish metals, etc.)
  • If enzymes are preferred
  • Wash method and if foam is an issue or not (we offer both high-foamers and low-foamers)

Choosing the right cleaner:

For removing oils, fingerprints, and debris from the manufacturing process:

  • Our alkaline cleaners, including Micro-90, Micro Green Clean, and LF2100, are all effective at removing oily residues.
    • Micro-90 is formulated with a synergistic surfactant blend and chelants to easily remove manufacturing and process soils. Micro Green Clean is just as effective with its biodegradable formula.
    • LF2100 is a low foaming cleaner for cleaning applications where a high foam level is not acceptable.
  • Surface-Cleanse/930 is a surfactant-based cleaner that is safer for many surfaces due to its neutral pH.

For cleaning reusable devices, such as endoscopy equipment:

  • Our enzyme cleaners, such as Zymit Low Foam and Zymit Pro, would be ideal for this situation.
  • Zymit Low Foam contains both amylase (breaks down starches) and protease (breaks down proteins) enzymes, while Zymit Pro contains just protease enzymes.
  • These cleaners are powerful at removing biological debris yet are gentle on your devices.

Once your parts are cleaned and rinsed, you can start the next important step: disinfecting. Ensuring that your cleaning and disinfecting process is effective is necessary for preventing infections and rejections in patients who rely on your medical devices and medical instruments. Although IPC does not offer disinfectants, our cleaners effectively remove tough soils that allow your disinfectant step to be thorough and effective.

IPC can help with establishing a cleaning validation protocol. We offer free samples to help you determine your ideal cleaning solution. See our guide on cleaning medical devices for more information. Contact us for questions, technical information, and more.

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