Choosing the Right Automotive Assembly Lubricant

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Hoses, seals, O-rings, belts, pads, bushings, and grommets – what do they all have in common? These parts are all made of rubber and are found within your car.

Automobile assemblies are complex and contain many moving parts. The average light vehicle in the US and Canada contains about 206 pounds of rubber, accounting for around 5% of the vehicle’s total weight (Statista n.d.). That is a lot of rubber! That said, the integrity of rubber components is just as important as that of the other parts in a car. Without using a proper rubber assembly lubricant, you risk tearing, fraying, and ripping your rubber parts. Damaged rubber can lead to costly repairs or worse. The P-80 line of temporary rubber assembly lubricants helps prevent these issues by effectively lubricating rubber parts, allowing the parts to easily slide into place while avoiding the damage caused by friction and force. Other industrial oils and lubricants are formulated with chemicals that are harmful to rubber and your health, including mineral oils and solvents. P-80® lubricants do not contain such chemicals and are a safer choice for both your rubber parts and your health.

All four of IPC’s industrial lubricants are perfect for automotive assembly applications. Because each type of part may require that the lubricant have specific characteristics, below is a brief introduction to our lubricants:

P-80® Emulsion Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant A white-beige water-based emulsion made with a blend of synthetic vegetable esters.
P-80® Grip-It Quick-Drying Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant A quick-drying, water-based surfactant mixture that dries tacky to help parts stay in place
P-80® RediLube Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant A low-residue, fast-drying lubricant designed for use on non-porous and coated rubber surfaces
P-80® THIX Temporary Rubber Lubricant Gel A thick, viscous lubricant that does not drip. Ideal for vertical or overhead assemblies.

IPC is the best supplier of assembly lubricants for automotive applications. P-80® products are also perfectly suited for your other industrial lubricant needs. The technical team at IPC is available to answer any questions or further assist you in selecting the perfect lubricant for your automotive application. Contact us today to get started.

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