Micro® Green Clean: Perfect for Cleaning Applications in the Brewery Industry

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Let’s face it: when you’re talking about beer, you’re talking about taste. Which is  why it’s imperative—to ensure a quality, delicious beer every time—to prevent contamination of the tanks and brewing equipment.

And cleaning hops resin off of stainless steel can be tough, because resin is sticky and not water-soluble.

Seeing the need for something that would work every time, we conducted a study of different cleaners. Our variables: cleaner, time, concentration and temperature. The results came in with a ringing endorsement for Micro Green Biodegradable Cleaner, which not only performed with precision with hops resin, but also with cannabis and other similar resins.

The optimal conditions for removal of hops resin with Micro Green Clean are to use a

1—2% concentration in water at a temperature of 65o C for 15 minutes.

Test results for Micro Green Clean:


Our products are created to make life easier for brewers. You can skip the acid/caustic solutions and disinfectants. Micro Green Clean does the job!

All of our cleaners are NSF registered as USDA-A1 Cleaners and can be validated in FDA processes. Validation methods and health and safety data are available upon request. All cleaners are free of solvents, phosphates, silicates, phenols, and Substances of Very High Concern.

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