Making an Effective Corporate Video

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By Patti O’Brien

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In our last post, we mentioned that people retain 95% of what they watch in comparison to only 10% of what they read. That’s a huge difference and clearly shows the value of adding video to your marketing materials. When it comes to video content for your website, Jodi Daley of West End Productions NY, says “A video shouldn’t be redundant to what’s on the website. It should complement it. When doing videos for Social Media, figure out how fast someone can scroll through their Instagram feed and make sure that your first few shots or words demand attention. And make sure your message is clear and concise.”

What Story Are You Telling?

A clear focus is a must when making a video. Decide in the planning stages what message you need to get across and what your Call to Action (CTA) will be. Exactly what do you want your viewers to do?

“We work backward,” says Jodi. “We find out what our clients want their audiences to feel after the video airs. And we work backward from there to see what we can do within the time and budget allotted.

“We don’t have a cookie-cutter way of doing a video. We do scripted or documentary, whiteboard, stop action, animation, stock footage or all of the above. The key is to do a LOT of pre-production so that a client isn’t “surprised” (in a bad way) by any element—whether it’s a visual, style, music or font choice. That’s why it’s so important that the client is a collaborator, not just someone you hand a product to.”

In other words, make sure your video will attract your target audience so they will stop and watch!

You can also make a video with no “talking heads” using text boxes to help explain what’s happening. You can even have the text translated for your global clients. Here, West End Productions NY created this style video for International Products Corporation (IPC).

Make it Yourself

If your budget doesn’t support a professional videographer, offers

Six Tips on making a short video on your phone look professional:

  1. Use an external microphone. Hook up a microphone jack or USB recorder to your phone.
  2. Don’t hold the phone. No one wants to watch a shaky video.
  3. Look offscreen. It might seem weird, but looking directly into the camera is weirder.
  4. Watch the sun. Bright but indirect light is best. Try standing by a window.
  5. Tell the speaker to BE HAPPY. Try laughing right before the take!
  6. Try and try again until you get it right. Hardly anyone gets it right the first time…

Here’s an example of a corporate video made with an iPhone for IPC by Rye Productions, LLC

Video Strategy Director, James Bryant, of created a Marketer’s Checklist for the Corporate Video Production Process. He advises that you check off each of the nine steps as you accomplish them:

  1. Decide on your video objectives
  2. Research your target audience
  3. Agree on your core message
  4. Build your video strategy
  5. Write a video production brief
  6. Develop the creative approach
  7. Write the script & storyboard
  8. Set up your analytics & hosting
  9. Distribute, share & promote your video

making a vid yourself

Professional Video Production

If your budget allows, hire a professional who can make your video all it should be. “If you’re going to charge for a video, your production value needs to let your client know that their money is well spent,” says Jodi.

IPC president Kathy Wyrofsky agrees. “The comments we have received on our website video content have been very positive. Both Jodi Daley of West End Productions NY, and Tara Rye of Rye Productions LLC made the process easy, and we couldn’t be happier with the end products and results!” 

Here’s an example of one of our videos created by West End Productions NY:

Here’s an additional resource: “Top Ten Tips for a GREAT Corporate Video” by Paul Cooper of Bailey-Cooper Photography.




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